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Seminar 2018-2019 Tracking Sheets

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Check out these awesome training files on Goal Setting for this New Year!

21 Day Power Booking Plan

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21 Day Power Booking Plan

21 Day Power Plan Booking with NSD, Lisa Madson

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HOT Hostess Ideas!

Click here for Bedtime Beauty Party created by the Virtual Helper for SD, Christine McSwain OR Click here for Bedtime Beauty with Lemonade 


Hostess Promos: 

$100 Free (Horizontal) or $100 Free to Party with Me

Fun Packet - Outside 

Order Silent Hostess

Outside Order Forms (for classes or silent hostesses)

From a Facial to a CLASS! Upgrade your Appointment

Coaching Your Hostess - Tips for your hostess to have a great party!

Tammy Crayk Training - Bubble Sheet

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