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Virtual Office Assistance

Basic Package 

  • Consultant Birthday Cards

  • Consultant Anniversary Cards

  • A3 Reminder (E-card, Postcard if no email)

  • I3 Letters

  • 12 Month Letters

  • On-Target Star Reminder (E-card, Postcard if no email)

  • PCP Reminder (E-card)

  • 1 Prize/Promo Flier

All of the above are done on a monthly basis with the exception of PCP & OT Star Reminders. PCP: Done beginning of PCP deadline month and additional last minute reminder sent out day of deadline. On-Target Star: First of every month and again the 12th or 13th of the month the quarter ends. 

Basic Package Pricing

New Director (Units 24-49) - $40 per Month

Premier Club (Units 50-99) - $50 per Month

Cadillac Club (Units 100-149) - $60 per Month

Cadillac Plus (Units 150-200) - $75 per Month

INITIAL ONE-TIME SET UP FEE - $36 (includes cost of 100 Birthday and 100 Anniversary Postcards)

Note: Package prices above DO NOT include cost of supplies or postage. The ACTUAL cost of postage will be added to your invoice each month. Also, as you run out of postcards and I have to re-order the cost will be added as applicable.

Feel free to contact me to customize a Virtual Assistannce package that will meet your needs and budget!

New Consultant Postcard Series - $0.75/Card (includes postage)

* Offer a Series of 2, 4 or 6 New Consultant Postcards. You can decide what info you want on card(s) and of course they'll be personalized with your name and return address. Price above does include postage but NOT actual cost of postcards, when you sign up for this service you will pay that cost. You will pay for additional postcards as you run out (they come in packs of 100 - so they generally last a while).

Customer Birthday & Anniversary Postcards - $10/month + Cost of Postage

* Service offered for Consultants and Directors - Use your customer reports off of intouch to send your customers a postcard with a special, decided by you, their birthday and anniversary month! If you have a HUGE customer base, price may be more than $10/mo, just contact me and I can quote.

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