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Virtual Helper - Office Assistance Made Easy!


Virtual Office Assistance Made Easy!

Website Pricing

Monthly Maintenance Packages....
BASCIC SERVICE - $35/month (Initial One-Time Set Up Fee of $50)
PREMIUM SERVICE - $50/month (Initial One-Time Set Up Fee of $70)
PREMIUM+ SERVICE - Contact Kaytee for Pricing

Sites are updated weekly on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Anything emailed throughout the week will post the coming Wednesday or Thursday.

Webhosting Cost...
Director may use web host of her choice. I can work with unitnet.com, unitwise.com or my preferred host.
unitnet or unitwise - director will initiate purchase of site and be directly responsible for monthly/annual charge whatever that may be.
My Preferred WebHost - $180/year (includes domain)

Cancellation Policy - As with all of my services there is a one-month notice before cancellation. If you do choose to cancel your service, the contents of your site (that I've added) will be removed.

Beginning Service - Website set up fees (my set up fee plus host if applicable) are invoiced, once paid, I will begin work on site. I will set up site layout and then customer will preview, once approved I will finish site. Between scheduling and actual time to set up and create site, it usually takes 3-6 weeks to get website up and running.

Sample sites to view...

Monthly Maintenance Choices

bASIC Package
Home Page - Latest Company & Unit News, Prizes, Promos, Congratulations, Unit Goals, etc...
 Director & Team Info 
Will feature only Director's Bio and any offspring sales directors
Will feature Reds and above! Photos for everyone, bios welcome for OT Car Drivers/DIQs and above.
Training Center - shared Virtual Helper training center (email files any time will add if not already included)
Movin' On Up Page - Promotes moving up to Red Jacket, OT Car, DIQ/Director!
New Products Page - Includes details and selling ideas for that Quarters New Products
HOT New Ideas Page - Featuring the latest and greatest MK Ideas floating around :)
New Consultants Page - Will feature your New Consultant Packet and any other training files you want available for your new team menmbers
MK Opportunity - Send potential team members to see facts about MK Opportunity
Monthly Newsletter - Will post your Monthly Newsletters
Guestbook / Members Area
 Included - with guestbook   moderation
 Calendar of Events
 Music Playlist for Homepage
Meeting & Call Page - List details on your regular meeting/events and conference calls

Information Needed to Set Up Website

Other information I will need from you (you may email me with the info below-include pictures, fliers, and any other attachments)

  • Preferred Domain Name (if applicable)
  • Maintenance Package You Want - Basic or Premium
  • Unit Name
  • Preferred pictures of yourself, family and unit for prominent places on site like the main page your bio, etc.. Please send at least one head shot. You may send a few if you like, I'll use them somewhere!
  • Director Bio
  • Monthly/On-Going Promotions (send fliers if applicable)
  • Info for your New Consultant Page (any info you want included, do you have a new consultant packet, Training schedule for New Consultants, etc...)
  • Info for your Weekly Success Meeting Page (when, where, attire, cost, all the details you want listed)
  • Info for your regularly scheduled Conference Calls (day, time, details, etc...)
  • (Premium) Director and Team Info Page - Pictures for Reds and above. Bios for OT Car Drivers/DIQs and above.
  • (Premium) Calendar of your upcoming Events
  • (Premium) Monthly Newsletters (for up to the last 3 months, as I maintain your site in the future we'll keep adding)